Taco Uprising

Taco Uprising


Soon to be the newest hotspot in Denver, Taco Uprising is taking over the central spot in our core & shell project Jackson’s Corner. This design is all about the open experience connecting Welton Street to the exhibition kitchen. Large sliding windows make the lively but intimate bar part of activating the resurgent Landmark District of Five Points. The clients wanted the conscious selection of reclaimed, repurposed, and upcycled materials and fixtures throughout. The importance of those choices speaks to the heart and craft they’ve put into their menu.

Lively murals, twinkling lights, and festive sounds and smells will draw you in from the street and keep you there for a while.

1,630 Square Feet

New Tenant Finish

Located in Denver, Colorado

Construction by Spectrum General Contractors

“Arrow B Architecture played a pivotal role in bringing our vision for Taco Uprising to life in Denver, CO, in 2023. From the outset, their comprehensive understanding of commercial construction, with a keen specialization in restaurant design, set the foundation for a seamless project execution. Their expertise ensured that our space’s aesthetics and functionality were top-notch and that every aspect of the construction was up to code and designed to enhance our customers’ dining experience. Their dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every corner of our restaurant, contributing to an atmosphere that perfectly captures the essence of Taco Uprising.

Additionally, Arrow B Architecture’s extensive network of contacts within various government departments was instrumental in navigating the often complex permitting process. Their proactive approach and ability to anticipate and address potential hurdles saved us invaluable time and resources, allowing us to focus on our passion for serving delicious tacos to the Denver community. Their responsiveness and commitment to our project’s success fostered a sense of trust and collaboration that went beyond the typical client-architect relationship. Thanks to Arrow B Architecture, Taco Uprising was able to open its doors in 2023, fully compliant and ready to make its mark as a new culinary destination in Denver.” See More Testimonials.

– Matias Gutknecht, Owner


  • Space Planning
  • Code Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Design
  • Interior Design
  • Modeling / Rendering
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Construction Documentation
  • Permit Submittal
  • Construction Phase Services