Sokka Gakkai International may not be well known to many Denver residents but the headquarters for the Rocky Mountain Zone chapter is very familiar to the tens of thousands of who drive by the building near Speer Boulevard and Colfax Avenue.  (You know…the big, brutal, white and blue building behind Denver Diner.)

Arrow B was hired to provide concept design and renderings to give the imposing structure a facelift to improve its curb appeal among its newer neighbors, the Denver Justice Center and the Lindsey-Flanagan Courthouse.  Drawing on concepts of transience, change, and enlightenment, the new skin references the movement of water in nearby Cherry Creek and provides a softer face to commuters.  A dichroic glass art installation – an abstraction of the lotus flower, creates more visible signage and an interplay of color and light that would change throughout the day.



  • Concept Design
  • Visualization / Rendering