MAKFam established themselves as Meta Asian Kitchen in the Avanti Food & Beverage in downtown Denver. They quickly distinguished themselves as a loved and lauded destination. We were honored to work with them on their new brick-and-mortar space.

MAKFam is a culinary destination dedicated to celebrating a rich heritage of Chinese-inspired food. In addition to its captivating cuisine, MAKFam boasts a meticulously designed interior that fuses modern aesthetics with timeless Chinese motifs. Inspiration was drawn from neon-lit Hong Kong noodle parlors for a casual, stripped-down feel catering to take-out and quick turns for business lunches. But similar to the menu, the space is imbued with sexier, exotic, sophisticated elements that elevate the experience while still hewing to the traditional. The result is a destination bar/lounge that encourages indulging and sharing and complements the journey along the way no matter how guests choose to enjoy it.

1,598 Square Feet

New Tenant Finish

Located in Denver, Colorado

Construction by Spectrum General Contractors

“Shane and his crew at Arrow B Architecture are absolute rockstars. When we set off to build our very first restaurant we had so many questions and uncertainties. We had no idea of how the whole process would go, all we had was a concept and a dream. Arrow B Architecture helped us realize that dream and guided us throughout the project from start to finish. We love the restaurant we have built together and would work with them again in the future. I’m so glad we chose them to be a part of our team. Not only did we gain an ally in our line of work, but we gained a few friendships as well.” See More Testimonials.

– Ken Wan, Head Chef/Owner


  • Space Planning
  • Code Analysis
  • Design Development
  • Design
  • Interior Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Modeling / Rendering
  • Consultant Coordination
  • Kitchen Equipment Coordination
  • Construction Documentation
  • Permit Submittal
  • Construction Phase Services