Details, baby…details.

Details, baby…details.

Finding design inspiration for a project is some of the most fun we have. (You would think it would be parsing zoning language and counting toilets, but you would be wrong.)

combined RSK

Taking from the history of a building, a neighborhood, or the client helps tell a compelling story. 2200 California had a long automotive history and most recently housed a private collector’s Porsche collection. During our research, we came across photos of his 1959 RSK, and his first ever Porsche, a 356. We were able to celebrate the building’s story and give a respectful nod to the past owner by representing that history in details: engine and frame schematics became canopies and art panels. The cars’ styling and details influenced exterior and interior finishes and lighting selection. Iconic racing graphics become interior signage and wayfinding.


We now have projects on the boards for which we’re researching stained glass windows, and per a client’s request, “Maria Callas’ last performance of Vissa d’Arte from Tosca”. They should be a lot of fun. (Once we get past the zoning and the toilets.)


Thanks for indulging us this month for Arrow B’s little five-year lookback. There’s more to come, of course. Lots of work to be done and many years ahead!